The Alex White Plume Story: Hemp at Pine Ridge


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Along this creek, along Wounded Knee creek, this is the awe-yuk-pay. Awe-yuk-pay means the "People who pull in;" and that was Crazy Horse’s band. So all the People that live along Wounded Knee creek, we’re all from his band; some are directly related to him.”
“Crazy Horse wasn’t a leader.
He just had a brilliant idea to maintain his old ways.
So when he did that he pulled people in with that idea.”

“We’re the only family that’s really pushing for our ways and have our own way out here.”

“We’re just blessed, you know, on our land here. Yeh, so we use everything. We use the buffalo to remind us of the ancient ways. So it’s always on our minds: when we want to do something, it’s difficult to do because there is a line between. We don’t allow cows on our land. Cattle are the most eaten food today, but he doesn’t have a spirit. So if you keep eating him you’re going to become like him. You’ll become like a dead soul and you won’t have a spirit. So you should try to do everything you can to just eat buffalo and elk and deer and stuff like that. The buffalo still maintains his spirit; he’s still strong and knows how to survive. "
"So when you eat of that animal their spirit joins yours and makes yours more powerful. In the United States this year there are 360,000 buffalo. When I got my buffalo I opened my corral and let five loose as a wo-pee-la (phonetically) because you have to give thanks giving when you get something good you have to share some of it so I turned five of them loose on the reservation.”
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